For a while, I was doing a weekly feature called Thankful Thursday. I let it peter out and I’m not sure why. But it occurred to me today that it would be perfect for twitter. So I’m going to attempt to start a hashtag movement. But I’m going to run it as a blog feature as well for those who don’t use twitter.

So each Thursday, I’ll post what I’m thankful for and you can leave what you are thankful for in the comments, as a link in the comments, in response to this post on facebook or on twitter with the hashtag #thursthanks. I’ll work up a cute little button to put on your blog posts if you participate that way. But that’ll have to wait a bit as I want to get this posted before Thursday fades away. 🙂

I am thankful that:

  • I stepped away from a stressful situation with Grace today and apologized.
  • I took the time to hold Ellie through an entire nap today. It was calming for me, and she got a longer-than-usual nap.
  • I have someone willing to drive Grace to and from school most days.

Here are my past Thankful Thursday posts.