I’m going to share my Twitter thoughts on Food Inc. because this is a topic that has been on my mind lately and I’m having trouble putting together something more coherent and comprehensive. So these soundbites will do for now. (“RT” means I’m restating something said by the person whose name follows.)

Watching Food Inc. on PBS. The sick and dead chickens – wow. just wow.

I didn’t know farmed fish are fed corn.

RT @gammasworld: Sounds like the chicken “farmers” are modern-day share croppers — never owning a damn thing for owing the big companies.

RT @ezweber: Instead of going vegan you should support farmer who farm in a way in line with your values.

RT @Rosemont_Farm: I can’t understand why farmers get their panties in a bunch over #foodinc – it’s going after big processors & unsafe practices not you.

RT @dushom: There is more than one side to an argument, #FoodInc may reveal some issues to fix, but no solutions to feeding the world.

RT @SouthShoreTwit: #foodinc is disheartening. Like banking, the executives become the regulators, and the lobbyists write the legislation. We are the suckers.

Read through an ag response to #foodinc. I feel like the truth lies in the middle. http://bit.ly/9YuUsE

The organic/small vs conventional/large farming debate has interested me since I worked at an ag newspaper. Still undecided. #agonfoodinc

agreed RT @BeginningFarmer: divisiveness will not help to make the food system or farmers lives better, we need understandin

@mrobin032009 I’m with you on less processed stuff. Wondering if grass-feed beef, cagefree eggs, etc. are truly better or if it’s a myth