My kids love going to the doctor and dentist. I feel like that is not normal, so I’m grateful for it.

Yes, I let Connor wear this to the "docker"

Connor had his 3-year-old checkup today. He got one booster shot and barely even winced at it. He passed his first eye exam and was very cute telling the nurse which shapes he knows how to draw (circle, cross, moon) and which ones he doesn’t (boat, heart). He also told me to tell the nurse and doctor that he gets to go to “gymnastics school” now. (He starts when the next session starts now that he’s potty trained.)

Ellie had three shots. She didn’t cry until the second one was almost done. And she stopped crying pretty quickly afterward. She dropped down to the 13% in weight, from something in the 20s. Our doctor said we could start rice cereal soon to boost her calories but I don’t plan to do that for awhile. She just seems way too young. She also recommends Vitamin D drops for exclusively breastfed babies. I lied and said we give them to Ellie, just like I lie about her sleeping in her own crib. Any other natural parenting peeps lie to your peds about stuff like that?

But know what’s even better than how great the kids were? We were EARLY to the appointment by about 7 minutes, and we got called in to the exam room before we even sat down in the waiting room. We had appointments for 1:15 and 1:45. We were on our way home at 1:54. NICE. I really love our pediatrician but had been considering switching to a smaller, closer clinic. I’ve had some long waits and rude receptionists here in the past but our pediatrician kept me coming back. I love that she genuinely remembers our family. This time, the receptionist was friendly, the wait was non-existent and the nurse was exceptional with Connor. So we’ll be sticking with Health Partners-St. Paul for awhile.