The last few times Mark has taken care of Ellie while I’m gone, she has refused to take a bottle. I had thought maybe she just wasn’t really hungry. Maybe she was crying because she was tired and Mark interpreted it as hunger

She has taken a bottle for a couple of sitters without a problem.

But the other day, I ran to the store. Mark called saying she wouldn’t stop crying and wouldn’t take a bottle of breastmilk so he tried a bottle of formula and she wouldn’t take that either. I came home and she latched on and drank like no tomorrow.

So what gives? Why will she take a bottle for a sitter but not the exact same kind of bottle for Mark? Any ideas of ways to get her to take one?

The other two kids were drinking breastmilk from bottles regularly while I was working starting at 6 weeks and never refused one. Ellie only gets a bottle maybe once or twice a week. She is 3.5 months old.