7:15 Mark woke me to say he was leaving for work and I should go back to sleep because all the kids were still asleep and I’d been up with Ellie several times during the night. (She typically wakes only once in early morning.)

8:45 Ellie woke. I nursed her and we snuggled a little.

9:00 Grace (who slept in our bed, with her head at our feet) woke, looked at me, wrapped her arms around my feet and laid back down.

9:15 Connor came into the room. Grace woke more fully this time. They asked to watch TV so I turned on SuperWhy and left the three of them in my bed while I went downstairs, had my water and stretch and started scrubbing the kitchen table.

9:30 Connor came down and “helped” with the table and sweeping the floor then asked for oatmeal.

9:40 Grace came down just as I was setting out oatmeal for Connor and I and yogurt for Grace.

10 The kids sat on the floor to play playdoh while I loaded the washer and dishwasher.

10:30 I signed online to type this and check my e-mail and twitter @ replies.

11 We finished reading a chapter book (The Canary Caper)

11:20 Got everyone dressed, teeth brushed, diaper changed, Ellie into sling.

11:50 Pack library bag, pick up playdoh, wait for big two to stop dawdling, argue with Grace over what snacks we’re bringing to the library.

12:20 Begin walk to library. Really hope it doesn’t rain on us.

… I’ll continue updating with how our day progresses. I’m feeling pretty good, though I honestly wouldn’t mind a nap already! And a brownie.