I hate mornings. I know a good morning is the key to a good day. But I just can’t get out of bed. The combined smell of bacon and coffee can usually lure me out. But a crying baby, poopy boy and hungry girl make me want to just crawl deeper under the covers.

I want to like mornings. I want to wake up refreshed and start the day off with an uplifing routine. I’d love to do yoga with the kids like Carrie. Or read the Bible to them like Allison. Or get up and start the laundry right away like Rachel. The overachiever in me thinks it would be great to do all three. And cook a healthy breakfast while I’m at it.

But let’s get real. That is not going to happen. If I try something too ambitious, it will fail and I’ll go back to the current routine: The kids crawl into my bed at 7 a.m., I groan, turn on the TV, roll over and sleep till 9. Somewhere in there I probably nurse the baby and settle her back to sleep And I often answer questions without fully comprehending them. (I’m surprised this doesn’t cause more problems than it does.)

So what is a realistic option for me? Maybe if I got a little quiet time to get my thoughts together in the morning, I’d be willing to go to bed earlier. Then morning might be *slightly* less brutal. So tomorrow, I’m going to aim for this:

7 a.m. – Get up, go to living room, open blinds (and soon windows I hope!), do some stretching, drink a glass of water.
7:20 a.m. – Make breakfast. NO cold cereal. Eat it with the kids.
7:40 a.m. – Read the Bible or a chapter book with the kids. They take turns choosing the book.
8 a.m. – Send kids outside to play. Start laundry.

HMM … That incorporates pretty much everything I mentioned above. Maybe it is too ambitious. We’ll see how it goes the next couple of days and then I’ll reevaluate. If I can get a morning routine down, I’ll work on adding to it until I have a full daytime routine. I don’t want every minute scheduled out but I do need a rough structure, especially if I’m going to get serious about my Heritage Makers business. I can’t afford to start our day at noon any more.