Since renewing my fight against procrastination, I have:

  • Applied for three jobs in the marketing field.
  • Reorganized the closet that serves as our pantry, game storage and broom closet.
  • Kept half the kitchen clean.
  • Cleared all the paperwork, mail, magazines, etc. off the hutch.
  • Started a bathroom reorganization. (Expect a full post on this when it’s done.)
  • Got half my grocery price database done.
  • Walked home from preschool with all three kids. Three miles in 80 minutes. It was exhausting but felt good. And Connor got a good nap in. And Grace was excited that she got to “go potty outside for the first time.”
  • Played several board games with Connor.
  • Read a bunch of Bible stories to Grace.
  • Started a photo book as a gift.
  • Made homemade mac and cheese and homemade applesauce.
  • Established a Web site, blog and twitter account for my new Heritage Makers business.

Goals for the rest of this week:

  • Get kitchen counter cleared.
  • Finish bathroom reorganization.
  • Schedule first Heritage Makers workshop.
  • Finish grocery database.
  • Walk to library with kids.
  • Cook spaghetti squash and fish that are nearing the end of their lives.
  • Buy card for camcorder.