Trish Van Pilsum has gotten me thinking about shopping local. She featured the 3/50 project on her blog last week and had a sad but lovely post about a devistating fire at FIVE local businesses. I had heard of this project before but didn’t really do anything about it. But I want to give it a try.

Black Sheep cappuccino

I don’t know if I can spend $50 a month at only three stores but I’m going to aim to spend $50 a month at local independentally owned businesses. And I’ll keep a running tally here on this post. So we’ll kick it off with the Black Sheep Coffee Cafe, where I am sitting as I type this. Oh, and I’m going to count the Punch Pizza we had this week too.

** Want to try this yourself? If you blog about it, leave a link in the comments. Because I’m still looking for a user-friendly non-java linky widget. Anyone wanna help a linky newbie out? **

2/17. Punch Pizza, St. Paul, Minn. $14.77. Dinner for fam: 2 pizzas, small salad, focacia bread and one soda. (we had a coupon. woot.)
2/20. Black Sheep, South St. Paul, Minn. $14ish. Mommy time: soup, panini, iced tea, cupcake and chai tea.