I’ve got my spit rag out and I’m ready to shine things up. 

My faithful followers: Here is my first post in my renewed effort to kick procrastination to the curb. My pseudo-maternity leave is over and it’s time to pound the virtual pavement to find the next step in my career. To that end, I wrote this post for Help a PR Pro Out

Those visiting me for HAPPO: Like many journalists, I’m a procrastinator at heart but I am firmly determined to kick that habit as I move out of the ink-stained dredges of newspaperdom into the bright, shiny world of public relations. 

So back to that spit rag. I’ve been thinking long and hard lately about what my passion is, what my dream job is, who the real me is. And it really comes down to this: I like to take something good — be it copy, a product, a person or an idea — and make it great and then put it in the hands of those who can make it sensational. I like to shine the shoes and send ’em walking. 

As a newspaper copy editor, I made copy shine by making it clear, concise, complete and correct. Add a “headline that sings” and highlight a hard-hitting quote or some telling numbers and you’ve got a package that draws people in, putting the information in the hands of those who need or want it. Tailor that headline for the Web and you put it in even more people’s hands. 

As a blogger, I do the same thing but am now able to take it a step further by promoting the copy on Twitter, Facebook and other blogs. A huge bonus here is that I can see how many people I’m reaching by monitoring my stats, participating in conversations here in the comments, on Twitter and on Facebook.

As a scrapbooker, I take my husband’s photographs of our lovely children and our lives together and shine them up by adding text to give the photos context and graphics to draw the audience in. And I put it in the hands of friends and family through flickr and a feed here on my blog and in the hands of other scrapbookers through the online forums and galleries I participate in.

And now I’m ready to shine some stuff up for you, whether you are an organization looking to get news to your supporters, a company marketing a product or a blogger looking for help promoting yourself. I’m open to all possibilities, part-time, full-time or contract work. If you have something that needs a bit more shine and a chance to walk on, then I’m your gal. 

Feel free to explore my blog if you are interested in getting to know more about me. You can also find me at LinkedIn and, of course, Twitter. I would love to publish my resume here but my home address and non-blog e-mail address are among the very few things about me not accessible to the entire world online and I’d like to keep it that way! If you would like to see it, e-mail me at therecoveringprocrastinator@gmail.com and I will
e-mail you a PDF pronto. Now, walk on!

** Flickr photo credits, from top: therichbrooks, respres and striatic **