We had the kids sort through the stuffed animals in their rooms (but not the bags full currently in the garage) to pick out some that they could “send to a little boy or girl who doesn’t have any.” We’ve been talking to them a little bit about the Haiti earthquake since I went to Feed My Starving Children.

At first, Grace was a bit reluctant but she picked several animals to give away. Once we were done, she got teary and looked at the pile and decided to retrieve a Pound Puppy and a big My Little Pony. Connor had some he didn’t want to give away too, but one he was willing to part with was Boopy. I cringed. I said “Are you sure?” He said “Yeah, he can go to a little boy. Or little girl.”

He was being so sweet and generous that I almost cried. And yet it was all I could do to keep myself from talking him out of it. My sister gave Boopy to Connor on his first birthday. I can still see him hug him close and repeat “Boopy” over and over. But I guess I’ll always have that memory, so Boopy can go to a little child who has nothing. Maybe it will give that child some comfort, some hope, some good memories.

** Tune in tomorrow for a guest post from my husband, whose school is collecting stuffed animals for the children of Haiti. **