Grace decided she was going to try new foods this year. We’ve always suggested she try new things but not pushed too hard. As an older child, I rebelled against trying things I previously disliked because my pickiness was always made into an issue. So we’ve been encouraging without turning it into an issue. But she decided on her own that this was her year to try new things. So far she has tried but disliked egg nog, lemon pepper chicken, broccoli. She has tried and liked raisins, bologna, string cheese, egg nog ice cream. I know there is more but that’s all I can remember right now.

I’ve decided to take it a step further by making new recipes. Mark told me the other day that he likes when I try new recipes because I get passionate about it and it something that shows I care about the family. I was surprised that he thinks I get passionate about it. I would have guessed something more like frustrated because, when I’m in the kitchen, things rarely go as they are supposed to. I want to try to involve the kids in cooking, especially in the new items, as much as possible to get them excited about trying something they made.

The other night we made Cranberry Date Orange Bread, without the dates or nuts. The baking part went surprisingly well. The dough looked too dry before putting it in the baking dish so we added a splash or two of water. Veering from a baking recipe even a touch scares me but I’m glad we did. The final product was delicious, though I might add a few more cranberries next time. All four of us had a part in making it. I supervised. Mark helped Connor stir the berries and butter at  the stove and grated the orange after I gave up. Grace helped me measure and stir the dry ingredients. Ellie watched quietly from her swing.

Both kids gobbled it up and asked for seconds. However, the next morning Grace decided she didn’t like the cranberries and she wouldn’t eat any.