In the three weeks since my last Not Me Monday, I have not been staying up too late watching the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. And I did not choke back tears during his farewell speech. This not being up late has not caused me to be overly tired every morning. Which means I did not:

  • Keep Grace home from school one morning because nobody woke up until 8:30.
  • Take Grace to school a half hour late another morning after hitting snooze four times and being woken at 8:15 by Grace.
  • Let the kids lay in my bed and watch an entire movie, which I slept through.

The day of the naked, poopy baby, I did not:

  • Use a food container lid to scrape my car windows because there was no scraper in the car.
  • Get pulled over for having expired tabs and get away with just a warning.
  • Eat a delicious lunch at Caribou Coffee while the kids ate nothing because they didn’t like anything Caribou had to offer.
  • Let Connor drink some of my Mocha Cooler because I felt bad that he wasn’t eating lunch.

I also have not repeatedly told the kids we would make snow ice cream and gotten sidetracked.

I did not do my grocery shopping yesterday without cutting and organizing all my coupons. And I therefore did not feel unsettled all day about the extra money I spent on things I later found coupons for.*

I definitely never ate three delicious brownies in one day.

* Do you love coupons as much as I do? Go to my new Recovering Procrastinator Facebook fan page for a chance to win $70 worth of coupons.