Coincidence doesn’t seem a big enough word for this.

Remember that we packed enough food the other night to feed 38 children?

If you read the blog I linked to, you would see that local reporter Trish Van Pilsum has been writing about an orphanage with 38 children in it. It was one of the few buildings in Leogane, Haiti, spared in the earthquake.

After yesterday’s magnitude-5.9 “aftershock,” Trish was told that “Feed My Starving Children in the Twin Cities has agreed to send 38 pallets of food specifically to Leogane.”

If you haven’t read Trish’s posts yet, check them out. They include lots of pictures of the food we packed and the kids who could very well be receiving it.

And if you want more numbers, check out what Liz wrote about our experience.

If that’s not enough, the Star Tribune and Fox9 both have video of the FMSC process, and the Pioneer Press has a story about the increase in volunteers since the earthquake.