Last night was amazing.

I joined 39 other Minnesota bloggers and a host of other volunteers to pack 13,824 meals at Feed My Starving Children. These chicken and rice meals will soon be sent to Haiti. They are enough to feed 38 kids for a year. They cost only 17 cents each and took an hour to put together. I can’t speak as eloquently on the importance of this as Trish and Molly did so go read their posts when you’re done here, and I’ll move on to what the night meant to me personally.

Meals ready to be sent

The moment I heard about this event, I knew I wanted to go. I wanted to show up alone to do socialize and then volunteer with 39 strangers. Clearly my Celexa prescription works well! There was a time where I would have rather eaten worms … well, maybe not. But I hadn’t spent time with other adults sans children since … I don’t know. Perhaps since I was working. So I jumped at it.

I was a bit nervous when I arrived but I had gotten to know a few of the participants through our Minnesota Bloggers Event twitter group, which helped. And though I’d never met them, I “knew” Missy and Beth from their awesome blogs, Marketing Mama and Anti-Supermom, which I’ve been reading for quite a while. Both of them were as great in person as they are online.

Me, attaching labels to bags

The food at Houlihan’s, where we met before going to volunteer, was fabulous. Even so, I kind of wish I had opted not to have dinner so I could have mingled more. I did spend most of dinner chatting with two great people I wasn’t previously familiar with. Jill is a really sweet woman who lives not terribly far from me and writes about fashion, though she doesn’t like to call it that, at Spoils of Wear. Mary is a certified holistic health counselor in Minneapolis and blogs at Mulberry Mary about related topics. I have added both of them to my blog reader – just what I need! πŸ˜‰

There were so many others that I didn’t get to talk to long enough or at all but I plan to get to stalk get to know them better online so I’m sure you’ll hear more about them some day. About a half dozen of us are even planning a babysitting swap system, and it sounds like we’ll be going to a fun winter event – complete with sled dog rides – atΒ  Dodge Nature Center this weekend with Kate from Girl Meets Geek.

So, how did I feed my soul? I not only got to do good for others and get a much-needed night of nonvirtual adult conversation, but it looks as though it will result in some friendships and parenting partnerships, perhaps even in the village well style I have talked about before.Wouldn’t that be great?

And if there wasn’t enough linky love in that post, Missy’s post links to everyone who has blogged about the event. (I promise they are all not as self-centered as mine.)

The 40 bloggers who volunteered at Feed My Starving Children

*First two photos by Darcie at Gust Gab. Bottom photo by Carrie at This Family of 4. Thanks for sharing, since my camera never left my purse!