Ellie had her two-week check-up on Friday. (Yes, she was four weeks old.) And Connor had his three-year check-up, or so I thought.

We just barely made it to the clinic in time for Connor’s 3:30 appointment, after Grace’s haircut took longer than expected. After a 15-minute wait in line, we checked in and I prepared for the snotty “your appointment has lapsed” response I got at our last visit, when we were 15 minutes late. The receptionist was very nice, but it turns out I had scheduled Connor for Wednesday instead of Friday. I must have clicked the wrong box when scheduling online.

So instead of being late, we were 15 minutes early. And then the nurse didn’t call us until 15 minutes after our appointment time. So I was stuck in the waiting room for half an hour alone with three kids. I had scheduled the appointments for late in the day so Mark could meet us there but his school scheduled a meeting at the last minute and he couldn’t come.

The big kids were running all over the waiting room and being extremely obnoxious while I nursed Ellie. And then Ellie pooped. A lot. All over her outfit and my shirt. And I realized the diaper bag was in the car.

When we got into the exam room, the nurse gave me a diaper and wipes and a bag for the dirty outfit. Of course, I didn’t have a clean outfit, so I had to put Ellie in her carseat naked with her blanket wrapped around her the best I could to take her home. Thank goodness for whoever invented those carseat covers that keeps the whole thing warm.

Ellie is now 8 pounds 13 ounces — almost as big as Connor was at birth. I didn’t catch her length, as I was to frazzled at the moment to pay attention. The nurse commented on her tiny head and the doctor said she looked very long. I didn’t see the growth charts though. I wonder if they aren’t using those as much anymore or if they don’t start showing them until the babies are a little older. I cant remember from last time.

She still spits up more than I remember the other kids doing but not as often as she did her first couple of weeks, so Im not concerned about it. She had pretty bad baby acne but its starting to look better today. Otherwise, she got a clean bill of health. ๐Ÿ™‚