It’s “Not me! Monday” over at MckMama. And since it has NOT been 17 days since my last post, I don’t need any easy post like this to ease back into things.

I did NOT let Connor eat two ice cream cones (sans ice cream) and a sucker for breakfast because I was too tired/lazy to chase him down and take them away.

I did NOT let Grace go to school having eaten nothing but Wheat Thins because she never asked for lunch.

I did NOT let Connor eat popcorn off the living room floor as his lunch while I tweeted.

At a party yesterday, when I said my spare time is mostly spent on the computer, EVERY person in the room did NOT nod vigorously in agreement.

My baby is NOT lying in a poopy diaper while I type this.

I did NOT already fail on my only New Years Resolution – to drink a glass of water each morning before anything else.

The following is NOT my sink, and it is not representative of the rest of the house:

not my sink

THESE, however, are mine all mine: