I’ve been debating whether to buy Ellie Christmas gifts. It seems silly to buy gifts for a newborn, yet I feel bad leaving her out. I think we have settled on just getting her one gift from Santa. But if you have infants to buy for, either for their birth or Christmas, here are some things that have caught my eye lately.

I was hoping to find things that are both cute and somewhat practical. If you prefer straight up cute, Dooce has a nice list. If you prefer straight up practical, you can’t go wrong with diaper and wipes (but check if the family is using cloth or disposable). Now, on to my list.

  1. Who Lives in the Pond has all kinds of fun water creatures. There’s so much to discover that this book grows with kids for years.
  2. Good Night Gorilla has hardly any words but my kids have fun making up some of their own and feel proud that they can “read” this alone.
  3. Happiest Baby on the Block is a must-read for new parents. It explains so much about why babies do the things they do and how to best react to that. PhD in Parenting has a TON of suggestions for other parenting books here.
  4. Sandra Boynton’s Greatest Hits: Volume I is the only thing on this list that we don’t have butthey look fun and are very popular.
  5. We love everything by Eric Carle

  1. Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle. When Grace was born, we swaddled her in receiving blankets, which never stayed tight. Connor had a Miracle Blanket, which was better but tricky to get around the baby correctly. This new product solves those problems. It combines a zip-up sleep sack with a detachable swaddler that velcros in place. Every baby should have one … or three.
  2. Ellie is getting this cute little guy, the Twilight Constellation Night Light, from Santa. It projects constellations in different colors on the ceiling, has a 45-minute timer and comes with a book about endangered animals. It doesn’t play music, unfortunately.
  3. The Nap Nanny is expensive but might be worth buying for a baby with bad reflux or colic.

  1. This folding bed would be really handy for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.
  2. This diaper bag is a cool idea, though overpriced. But a great gift, especially for baby No. 1 or 2 would be a muti-pocketed diaper bag (I love our Eddie Bauer backpack one) filled with small vinyl bags for specific purposes, as shown here, and a mini blanket, pillow or stuffed animal that stays in the diaper bag.
  3. And either in that diaper bag or alone, this container is a great way to always have assorted snacks, formula, a pacifier, hair clips or other small items in the diaper bag.

  1. Bath toys might seem an odd choice for infants but if they won’t be getting gifts again till their first birthday, they are a good choice. The same goes for baby spoons, teething rings and other things that will be of use before the next gift-giving occasion.
  2. Unlike other head positioners, Baby Elephant Ears can also be used laying on the floor or in a swing, stroller or changing table. And they come in really cute patterns.
  3. Babies like to suck on tags, so how about a blanket or toy covered with them? Taggies began as little blankets with tags but are now a whole line of items.
  4. These breastfeeding and pregnancy ornaments are a cute alternative to “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments. (We got three of those when Connor was born!)
  5. This musical inchworm was Grace’s favorite toy as an infant. Taggies and Leapfrog make similar worms.
  6. A sling can be a good gift, but I’m not recommending a specific type because I haven’t found THE ONE for me yet. Check out thebabywearer.com for tons of information on selecting and using slings.

Or you can always give the infants’ parents the gift of time by:

  1. Doing their grocery shopping
  2. Making them a meal
  3. Giving them gift cards for take-out/delivery restaurants
  4. Babysitting
  5. Playing with older siblings
  6. Driving older siblings to school or lessons
  7. Cleaning their house
  8. Help creating a scrapbook or organizing photos, or maybe just giving a premade scrapbook that only requires that pictures be put in