So after spending hours on Friday writing and reading about stocking stuffers, did I make sure we had enough stocking stuffers for St. Nick’s day, which was yesterday? Nope, never even crossed my mind.

We didn’t celebrate this holiday growing up so I rely on Mark to remind me about it. Which usually happens about 10 p.m. Dec. 5. I thought I had some small items in the box of gifts for the kids but neither of us wanted to go to the garage to get them. After church and a lunch at Baja Sol yesterday, I pulled out the gifts, locked myself in my room and started wrapping. I didn’t come across enough stocking-sized items so I made an emergency shopping run to supplement the stash. I had to hit Family Dollar, Walgreens and Cub to get what I wanted. Probably would’ve been faster to go the extra distance to Target and get it all in one place, but that may have cost more. Either way, planning ahead would have been cheaper.

Grace discovers the full stockings

After watching Polar Express, Mark said “Hey Grace, I forgot that today is St. Nick’s Day.” Grace looks up at the stockings and says “Hey, something’s different up there. Those stockings are fat, like Santa’s belly.”

Despite the last minute shopping, everyone was happy with what they got. Even me, whose gifts were mostly just for show!

  • Connor: Toy motorcycle from Family Dollar; Land Before Time DVD from Half Price Books; washable paint pens that were part of an auction basket I got early this year; crackers and chocolates.
  • Grace: Snow White DVD I got on sale with coupon at Walmart when it came out this fall; press-on nails Mark picked up at Cub a while ago; a sticker set from Yellowstone that we found Saturday while scanning memorabilia from a 2007 trip; Tinkerbell crayon/paint set from Walgreens; black tights from Walgreens; crackers and chocolates.
  • Mark: Travel coffee mug from Walgreens; hot chocolate packets from Cub; sample-size cologne from our closet.
  • Me: Batteries from Family Dollar; sample-size lotion from our closet; herbal foot soak that I had bought as a treat for myself two weeks ago but hadn’t opened yet.

St. Nick's Day goodies

Me: Did St. Nick do a good job guessing what everyone wanted?
Mark: I don’t think he guessed. I think he knows.
Me: How did he know?
Grace: Maybe he’s in with Santa.