I’ve been inspired lately by a weekly series of posts, written by a blogger I discovered on twitter just over a week ago. Today’s really spoke to me and I’ve spent the day (between mom duties) working backwards through the rest of the posts.

Amber has been at home with her kids (a girl and boy a year or so younger than my girl and boy) since she was laid off in April. Her new series, Crafting My Life, is about “trying to dream big, find balance, and re-create my life” and today’s was about redefining who she is. Those of you who know me really well maybe can see why I would relate to Amber in general and this series specifically.

If you had asked me a year ago what my role in life is, I’d probably say I am an editor, journalist, mom, wife, friend. Notice the order of those. Now, the first two are gone. And although I know being a mom (or dad) is the hardest, most important job there is and I think I’m good decent at it, that just doesn’t seem like enough or seem like me. So who am *I*? I guess I don’t really know. I think that’s part of the reason why I immersed myself so deeply in the digiscrapping world (so much that I got burnt out and am taking a little break now) and why I got so upset when Blogger screwed me over the other day. Scrapping and blogging are the two things I have that are me, not “mom.”

So anyway, Amber’s posts about her journey touched something off in my brain and I will follow her journey while making my own, maybe now with a little more sense of purpose instead of blindly fumbling through each day just waiting for it to end. And maybe through that journey, I’ll find a viable employment option.