You don’t hear a lot about my husband on this blog. So let me introduce him to you. He is generally oblivious to messes or small projects that need attention but loves to surprise me with completing large projects while I’m away. He’s a great dad who loves to play with the kids but is easily frustrated when they are being bratty. He is obsessed with football, which he coaches; history, which he teaches; and hamburgers.
Yep, hamburgers. He eats them often (really often) and with quite the critical eye. He has been compiling a list of the best burgers for a few years now (about the same time he decide cheese on a burger was not a travesty). He had no criteria when he started, but to give the list some consistency he has decided:
  • The quality of the chips or fries served with the burger does effect it’s rating.
  • The quality of the restaurant’s service, decor, etc. does not matter.
  • The quality of the overall experience, such as who he is eating with or what the occasion is doesn’t technically matter, but these things may make him subconsciously more inclined to enjoy the food.

So here are the top five as of today. If the list changes, we’ll be sure to let you know 🙂

  1. Milty’s, Lansing, Iowa. Aug. 3, 2007. Standard cheeseburger with American cheese and fries.
  2. Western View Diner, Route 66, Albequerque, New Mexico. March 26, 2009. Standard cheeseburger with American cheese and fries.
  3. Wild Onion Cafe, Grand Marais, Minn. Aug. 8, 2009. Pictured above. “Sol burger,” which is venison and smoked provolone, with homemade rosemary and sea salt chips. (This is interesting, as Mark claims to not like rosemary.)
  4. Liberties, Red Wing, Minn. Jan. 6, 2009. He can’t remember the details of this meal but insists it was really good.
  5. Greatwaters, St. Paul, Minn. April 2009. Swiss and bacon burger with great fries.
A few honorable mentions include Native People, Native Homelands Conference, Mystic Lake Casino, Prior Lake, Minn., Nov. 19, 2009; Perkins, Appleton, Wis., July 2003;  moose burger at Grand Portage Pow Wow, Grand Portage, Minn., Aug. 8, 2009; Blarney Pub and Purple Onion, both in Dinkeytown, several occassions. The green burger he once was served — no, not on St. Patrick’s Day — in Escanaba, Mich., does not make the list.
His cheeseburger obsession made him a hit on “The Friday Show” at school. The show, about completely random things, run by a teacher and broadcast to students, was featuring new teachers at the beginning of the year. For Mark’s turn, they discussed football, where he lives, family and other such boring topics before it came up that he has this top-five list and has taken pictures of many burgers. They reshot the whole thing to focus on the burger list.