Yes, you read that right. We took the kids to Hooters on Sunday. (Isn’t that a great follow-up to our wholesome Mary Poppins fun?)

We spent the afternoon at the Mall of America, just browsing around. We bought a Christmas present for our nephew, got some info at the Tmobile store about adding internet to our service plans, played with Duplos at the Lego store.

We were considereing watching the Packer game at a sports bar or some such place with TVs but decided to go home instead. When Grace found out we were going home, she started crying. Not whining, pouting, being a general pain in the keester, but shedding huge, sad, crocodile tears. I didn’t hear what she first told Mark, but it appears that she thought we were going TO the Packer game. Not sure how she got that idea. Since we had toyed with the idea of staying at the mall for some of the game anyway, we decided to do that to try to cheer her up, which she did.

We happened to be at the mall exit right by Hooters at this point and Mark suggested we just go there, rather than wait for the elevator yet again and go down to the third floor and find another place to eat. It wasn’t crowded and they did have plentiful TVs, so I gave in despite being skeptical about bringing the kids in.

Grace spotted the balloons as soon as we walked in. We got two. Grace’s floated to the ceiling within seconds because the girl can’t keep hold of a balloon to save her life. We managed to keep Connor’s through the whole meal and get it to the car.

I was a little worried that Grace would ask why the waitresses were dressed as they were. She was too busy playing tic-tac-toe and eating French fries to notice though. whew.

Then, in the car yesterday on the way to school, Grace looks at the balloon and says “What does ‘I heart H-O-O-T-E-R-S’ spell?” I was able to ignore this once because I was talking to Connor at the time, but I had to answer her the second time she asked. I said “It says ‘I love Hooters.’ That’s the name of the restaurant where we ate yesterday.” So now, let’s hope she doesn’t announce to anyone that she loves hooters or knows how to spell hooters!!