I’ve been meaning to write this post for two months and was finally pushed to do it by a digiscrapping challenge.


We were having a picnic with the Bollingers on Sept. 12, when Becky B got a call that a friend had two free tickets to that night’s 7 p.m. showing of Mary Poppins at the Orpheum. Becky had already seen it, but knowing it was Grace’s favorite movie, wanted to see it with her. We were told small children could sit on an adult’s lap without a ticket. So Grace, Becky and I went home, changed into nice clothes and headed out. Linda volunteered to stay at our house with Connor because Mark was at the Gopher game with Joe.

When we arrived at the theater, with just a couple of minutes before show time, we were told even lap-sitters need a ticket. We ran back to the box office and got Grace a $20 student ticket and ran to the theater. We got in just as the curtain was rising, so we had to stand in the entry for the first scene, which was quite long. Grace stood there with her eyes WIDE open and her mouth hanging slack while all kinds of magic happened on stage.

In our seats (third row of the balcony) Grace struggled a bit to stay awake, especially because she was snuggled in my lap and having a hard time seeing over the people in front of us, but she never got cranky. After intermission, we moved to the first row of the balcony, where nobody was sitting. So Grace got her own seat and could see better. This worked out much better.

During one scene, Bert walks up the wall, across the ceiling and down the other wall. I said to Grace, “Look, it’s magic.” She nodded a bit, pointed and said “strings.” She didn’t seem to realize though that Mary Poppins’ flight over the audience was more strings than magic.

On the way home, Grace sang “Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest kite” over and over until she trailed off and fell asleep midstream.

She’s been asking to go see “Mary Poppins the play” again ever since.