Almost done
  • Finish my 2006 scrapbook. I’m only a few pages away and have kept up to date with the current year in the mean time.
  • Fit a car into my garage. Twice I made this happen but as of now, it no longer does.
  • Use all the gift certificates currently in my possession. I still have three.

Not done
  • Get at least one more mom’s group member. I’ve given up on this whole project.
  • Learn to play one song on the piano by memory. Nope, and the piano is no longer in the house.
  • Create a will
  • Roll-over old 401ks
  • Get a nontraditional massage (reflexology, reiki, etc)
  • Grow something edible, and eat it
  • Climb the REI rock wall
  • Donate my formal gowns
  • Jog a mile without stopping
  • Go through a corn maze
  • Buy prescription sunglasses