Ginny at My Cup 2 Yours is asking a few questions about being a mom. So if you are a mom, head over and weigh in. And see what others say. My answers:

The best part about being a mom is…
watching kids grow, learn, play and interact and witnessing the little moments like when sister hugs brother and says “I love you little boy.”

The hardest thing about being a mom is…
Being patient and consistent — both when it comes to setting rules and when their needs/wants conflict with your own.

Being a mom today is…
“always never the same” to quote a song. Though the basics of each day are the same, often to the point of boredom, something unexpected (sometimes good, sometimes bad) usually happens too.

P.S. Most of the time it makes me want to do this:

P.S. I’m not ignoring Halloween but I’m not sure where Mark has the photos saved so that will be tomorrow’s post. The kids had a blast and did really great. I could hardly believe Connor is only 2.