We went to a Halloween party at our church last Sunday and the kids had a blast. But they brought home a bunch of candy. And then Grace brought home some more candy from her school party.

We haven’t even trick-or-treated yet and the kids are begging for candy night and day. They are driving me crazy. I’m trying to ration it — one piece after each meal if they ate a decent amount of the meal. But what I really want to do is throw it all away (after saving the good stuff for myself!).
I love the costumes and scary fun of Halloween but could do without so much candy. Here are my ideas for things you could give out that aren’t candy. (We don’t get trick-or-treaters. If we did, I’d chose one of these options.)

My ideas for non-candy snacks:
Stickers or tattoos
Halloween trinkets like vampire teeth
Glow sticks
Granola bars
Snack packs of crackers or chips
Have more ideas? Leave them in the comments.
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