Four recent exchanges with Grace

Grace finds the bag of summer footwear and pulls out sandals.
Me: Grace, put those away. You don’t need sandals in the middle of winter.
Grace puts them on.
Me: Grace, I said put them away.
Grace: No. And it’s not the middle of winter.
Me: Is it snowing out?
Grace: Just a little bit. But it’s not supposed to be winter till Halloween so this can’t be the middle.

Grace: Where will I get furniture when I’m a grown up?
Me: You’ll have to buy some.
Grace: Where will I get the money?
Me: You’ll have to get a job.
Grace: Did you buy all of your furniture?
Me: Yes (well, most of what we have now we bought. There are still a few handme downs)
Grace: How much did it cost?
Me: I don’t know.
Grace: How long did you have to work until you had enough money to buy it?
Me: I don’t remember.
Me: But you don’t have to think about this for a long time. Like 18 years.

Grace: Do you think Connor will be anxious when Smithers is born?
Me: Why would he be anxious?
Grace: Like Sister Bear is when the baby is born.
Me: Do you mean he might be jealous?
Grace: Yeah, jealous. that’s it.
Me: I don’t know. I guess we’ll see.
Grace: I won’t be because I know that babies need a lot of attention. Because I remember when Connor was a baby. (she doesn’t but that’s what they say about Brother Bear in the book.)
Grace: You and Dad know what to do with babies because you had two before. Me and Connor. But we’re not babies now.

Mark was putting Grace to bed and telling her about his day, which is what they do instead of reading a book. Out of nowhere comes this:
Grace: Where do babies come from?
Mark: From mommies
Grace: Where do mommies come from?
Mark: From their mommies
Grace: Where did the first mommy come from?
Mark: So, tell me about your day.
(Yes, that actually worked. I asked why he didn’t just say from God. He said he was too flustered to think.)