Grace woke with a fever Thursday night. After much pleading to get her to take some medicine (which she used to beg for), we held her down and gave her Tylenol with the baby dropper. By morning she was fine.

She developed a fever Friday late afternoon. After pulling her out from under our bed, we again gave her Tylenol with a baby dropper. The next morning, she still had a fever and finally took some medicine willingly. The fever returned Saturday night and she again took it willingly and went to bed.

Her fever has not returned but she has a sore throat, runny nose and cough. Garden variety flu, right?

So at 3 a.m. this morning, Connor woke up and wandered around calling my name. He had a fever. After some pleading and after he got sick of us cooling him down with a wet washcloth, we got him to take Tylenol with the baby dropper. He slept with us the rest of the night and remained hot but not high-grade-fever hot.

After some google searches about whether you HAVE to give medicine to reduce symptom-less fevers, I decided to let him ride it out. He spent the day on the floor watching TV. He stayed hot but not so alarmingly that I took his temperature. I should have been more diligent about sponging him down and getting him to drink water but I wasn’t feeling that great myself and spent a good portion of the time on the floor asleep next to him.

I called Mark to skip practice so Grace could go to gymnastics without Connor having to come with. He was alarmed by Connor’s heat, took his temperature (103.1) and after some online consultations about the dangers of H1N1 to pregnant women, called the HealthPartners nurse.

She asked a bunch of questions and said he should come to urgent care (by this point office hours were nearly over) because he hadn’t gone to the bathroom all day and she thought he might be dehydrated.

Nearly three hours in the waiting room and $30 later, he was seen by the doctor. They didn’t do a blood test or nasal swab; just asked his symptoms, took his temp, etc., and said it’s probably H1N1. This was all information they had known over the phone. They said H1N1 symptoms generally lasts three days. At that point, you will get dramatically better, meaning your body has fought it off, or dramatically worse, meaning you have probably developed a secondary illness like pneumonia. So they sent him home with no definitive answer, no medicine, and said to come back if it doens’t run it’s course in three days.

They will be calling me in the morning to come in for some tamiflu for me to protect the baby. (I wasn’t there with him tonight because I can’t be in a waiting room full of other people with possible H1N1.)

So thank you HealthPartners for wasting our time, the doctor’s time and the other patients’ time rather than just telling us all this information over the phone. (And this is not the first time I’ve had issues with the way HealthPartners operates, by the way.) Mark says he feels more comfortable having brought him in, but I do not. I’m irritated.

Cute highlight of the incident: On the way home, he said “I not get that fever no more. It too hot.” Mark said, “If you do get it, you’ll take your medicine, right?” “Yeah, cause that help make hot go away.”