I’m grateful laundry is so much easier now than at the turn of the century. At my house, it might go something like this:

Grace loves to paint. And wear fancy dresses. And if I’m busy helping Connor in the bathroom, she’ll do both at once. So I decide this dress should go in the wash immediately, even though it’s washable paint.

Open washing machine. It’s full. And a bit musty. One of us threw in a load and then forgot about it. So throw in some vinegar and run a short cycle.

Check e-mail while that’s running — because that’s more productive than say loading the dishwasher so I can use my kitchen sink instead of straining macaroni in the bathroom.

Cycle is done. Open dryer to dry the hopefully-not-musty load. Dryer is full. Too much in it to carry upstairs in my arms. So I go up to get a laundry basket.

Laundry basket is full. I’ll dump it on the bed to fold later.

Make bed to provide smooth surface for folding. Find stuffed animals and toys in bed. Return them to kids’ rooms.

In kids’ rooms, find dirty clothes. Bring them downstairs to put in with the dress. (Not that there isn’t enough already piled outside the laundry closet to fill the washer. Multiple times.)

Forgot laundry basket. Go back up, empty basket, bring it down. Fill with clothes from dryer. Move clothes from washer to dryer. Put dress and other whites in washer, along with a Clorox color catcher because of those bright red flowers on the dress. I’m paranoid about colors mixing after living with my husband for seven years.

Hmmm … why is the box of color catchers wet? Oh, because the ceiling is wet. Again. Time for a call to my plumber, also known as Dad.

See, isn’t laundry easy?

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