I accidentally scheduled two dentist appointments (me and Grace) and an OB appointment on the same day. Luckily, they were not at the same time. But I made a plan and decide to make it work. And for the most part, it did! Here was our day yesterday:

We arrived at the dentist (ON TIME!) with books, legos, water and snacks to keep the kids busy. The snacks (Lucky Charms) are smashed into the waiting room floor while I’m checking in. But at least the office got our new insurance info from the St. Paul School District (as we don’t have cards yet).

The kids sat nicely playing with Legos and watching Max and Ruby in the exam room while I get my teeth cleaned. They told me to floss more. They never tell Mark that even though he does not floss. ever. and I do a couple of times a week.

Grace’s turn was next and she did great, as always. She’s been begging to go to the dentist for months. We put it off when I lost insurance and she kept asking “When are you going to get a new work so I can go to the dentist?”

During Grace’s turn, Connor kept trying to climb into the chair with her. So I filled out paperwork to register him and see if we could get him to sit for a cleaning since the hygenist had the next slot open. Not only did he sit for the cleaning, he let them do flouride trays and xrays too!

After the dentist, they each got to pick out one book to buy at the book fair at Grace’s school. Grace talked me into getting them each one to save for Christmas too. I’ve been such a pushoever lately. She can talk me into almost anything. Mark rolls his eyes at me and says “She’s 5. Just say no.”

I didn’t want to go home for just an hour and figured they should get some energy out. Since Mother Nature thinks it’s like December here or something, our options were limited. Well, mine were because I don’t have a winter coat that fits. So we had lunch at a McDonald’s with a playland. They each ate their WHOLE Happy Meal. Connor even chose apples and apple juice over fries and pop. Good boy.

While there, a mom came in with three kids and she looked familiar but I couldn’t figure out why. Her daughter did though. The mom and daughter were at McDonald’s last time we were there! The girls hit it off the first time and were excited to be reunited. The mom gave me their contact info so we could get together some time. AWESEOME. But it also made it much much harder to get the kids to leave to get to the OB. So I had to call once we finally got on the road and tell them I’d be 15 minutes late. Luckily, they were ok with that.

The OB appointment was fine. I’m measuring at 31 weeks (I’m 32) and the heartbeat is strong. My weight gain is good (according to those who aren’t feeling the effects of carrying an extra 20ish pounds!) and blood pressure is too. Grace got to squirt on the “goo” and Connor held the microphone to hear the heartbeat — until he dropped it to cover his ears because it was “too loud.” He seems to have very sensitive ears, although they don’t mind his own screaming.

The kids weren’t too great in the evening or at bedtime but let’s just not talk about that today.

Oh, and Connor pooped on the toilet unprompted today! Cross your fingers he does it again.