Grace made playdough today on her first day of school. The teacher sent it home in a ziplok bag with the recipe attached. I’m very glad she did because if I found a recipe online and it wasn’t exactly the same, I would have heard about it.

We made up a batch when we got home. A very large batch. We made green, blue, pink and red. She already had purple. Her commercial play-doh supply was starting to run out. No worries about that now. I do wish I’d kept some of the containers though.

Here’s the recipe. We actually made two half batches in two sauce pans. I wouldn’t try the whole thing in one:
2 C flour

1 C salt
2 Tbsp cream of tarter
2 C water
1/4 C vegetable oil
Mix ingredients in saucepan. Stir continuously until it forms a ball that pulls away from sides of pan. Let cool. Knead in food coloring of your choice.

**** update: One batch was made without cream of tarter because I ran out. It seemed to make no difference at first. But after being sealed up in a plastic bag for a few weeks, the stuff without it was so sticky and gooey and gross that it was unusable. ****

It was pretty easy to make and not all that messy. (I’d show you pictures but my husband has again misplaced the camera.) This is something I would have normally said “not now” to because I’m lazy and would also be thinking about the things I should be doing. But this morning I had read this and this so I was making an effort to “be present.” Grace had tons of fun. We even spent an hour afterward making playdough cupcakes and mermaids. I’m glad I took the time to do this, even though I still need to do this list this week: