I don’t seem to have the attention span to write an entire coherent post these days. I just have too much going on in my head I guess. That’s why I like Twitter. I can just post one little thought without expanding on it. So I’ve been more active there than here lately. I added a feed of my most recent posts to the sidebar of this blogger, for those of you scared to venture on to the actual Twitter Web site 🙂

So here’s a smattering of kid-related things. More to come on other subjects:

I’ve been wanting to write a post about how Grace has handled my being laid-off, from the initial explanation of what it meant up to her current comments like “When are you going to get a new work so I can go to the dentist?” (We were holding off till we had insurance issues resolved. But we now both have appointments for October.) It’s really amazing what she understands and how she thinks about things. So I do still want to expand on this some day.

Connor is getting quite an attitude. And he hits, pinches and pushes. A lot. Especially Grace (who cries right away) and me. Spanking does not work on him. He’ll turn around and slap back. He obviously doesn’t understand the difference between a punishment spank and just plain hitting. So we’re trying time-outs on him instead of spanking.

Connor is lately obsessed with baths. He’ll take one every morning and just sit in there and play alone for well over an hour. Basically, I have to pull him out when the water gets cold, and he gets mad that he’s being taken out.

Grace gets the nastiest snarl on her face when she doesn’t get the response she wants from an adult. Often the adult can not figure out what they did/said to set her off. It’s getting to be quite a problem and we don’t know what to do about it.

The kids often play very well together, both liking pretend games such as restaurant, school and garage sale. But they also get on each others’ nerves, and Connor purposely antagonizes Grace.

Connor can get into anything. I’ve caught him climbing and unopened step stool, propped against a book case to get what’s on the top shelf. He moves the piano bench to reach the higher kitchen cabinets and climbs from the toilet to vanity to get into the medicine cabinet. He can open the doors to the outside by himself (and does run outside alone) and can open the fridge (and leave it hanging open). So we’ve been working on removing such temptations. The step stool is now hidden, the piano bench gone. We keep the front door deadbolted and we’re going to buy a latch for the very top of the sliding door and for the fridge. I’m sure he’ll soon find new things to get into but we just have to try to stay one step ahead. I also bought more media storage boxes so the DVDs and tapes will not end up strewn about the room every day, most of them out of their cases and getting scratched.

Grace starts her second year of PreK on Monday and is VERY excited. She’s also excited for her birthday on Wednesday and has already picked out what she wants to wear. She was devastated today though when she learned her party won’t be for another week and a half after her birthday (and is not yet planned but she doesn’t know that.)

I’m thisclose to throwing away all our gum and candy because I’m so sick of the kids asking for it every day.


To do update: I don’t really want to think about this today.