Grace: I’d like some water please. Can I have my menu right away?
Connor: Yeah.
Connor: Here’s your tacos and water.
Grace: I don’t want tacos. I want popcorn please.
Connor: K.
Grace: Hey, this isn’t water. I want real water please.
Connor: Here’s real water.
Grace: And can I have some chicken nuggets and french fries for dessert please?

This went on for awhile and then they decided to move all the clean laundry from one laundry basket into a big, open umbrella and pack a bunch of random stuff in a small cooler.

I love when they entertain themselves/each other without my intervention or a TV.


To do update:
We’re heading out soon to talk to Erin about volunteers and drop off donations at church

Today I need to figure out the insurance/doctor stuff and finish drying/folding/putting away laundry.

That leaves this as the remaining list for tomorrow:
Clean kitchen counter and floor
Call Realtor and mortgage lender