It’s noon. I’m in my robe. I haven’t brushed my teeth or hair. I ate a bowl of cereal but haven’t drank coffee, which I want, or water, which I need. I slept well last night but I’m exhausted. Maybe I got too much sleep because I laid in bed until 10 when the kids were sick of their TV shows and asking for food?
My plan was to go to the bank, the Clothes Closet (which is one its last day of its season-ending clearance) and the library (at Grace’s request.) But now it’s raining again, which makes me even less likely to move than I was before. I know, I know, if I put the computer down and got off my butt and did something , I’d probably snap out of this lazy funk. But I don’t want to.
Maybe I’ll just wait till Mark is home and then leave him with the kids and go to the bank and Clothes Closet alone and make him take them to the library. Muahaha.
Grace is changing all the Miis on our Wii. You can’t even tell who they are anymore. And they are all wearing purple shirts.
Grace just asked if the library is open when it’s raining. What a dork. Yeah, everything shuts down when it rains.
I’m hungry but don’t know what I want for lunch. Plus, if I start getting food out, I’ll have to feed the kids too. And breakfast was enough to put me over the edge with them changing their minds a million times, whining that the butter is too cold, saying they don’t want THAT spoon. Think I can get by without feeding them tell Mark comes home??
Grace is now complaining that Connor’s piggy bank is bigger than hers and asking if they can trade. And complaining that he once dropped hers and it has a crack on it.
And now she wants gum.
And now they are climbing on me and my chair like a jungle gym. They must be touching me at all times.
OK, I need to use the facility. Maybe that will get me moving.


To do update: Did the papers and scrapbook pages. Didn’t do the cars.
To do on Thursday, that’s today, right?: Go to bank, go to clothes closet, pack food and clothes for camping.