I’m so glad I was at the computer just now when this conversation happened:

Grace: Princess Toadstool. That’s the Princess’s name. (Mark has been teaching her to play Mario Brothers)
Me: I know.
How did you know?
I just did.
God is the number one who knows everything and you are the number two.
Well, I’m flattered to be number two.
That’s what Riley said.
Riley said what? ThatĀ God knows everything?
Who said that I’m the number two?
What about his mom?
He didn’t say anything about his mom. Or his grandma. Or his dad.
So who is the number three who knows everything?
I think I should be because I’m learning stuff from you. I’m get stuff from you for my brain.

Proof that she knows everything:

She couldn’t trace her right hand for an art project so she traced her left once and said we could flip one of them over.