The kids are always saying things that make us laugh and I never get to the computer fast enough to pass them along. Here are a few recent ones that Mark and I were able to remember. It’s a good day to dwell on these because they have been very trying this week.
  • Grace, trying to weasel her way into a trip to the store with me: “You’re so beautiful. I don’t want to take my eyes off you.”
  • Connor, after being disciplined or told no or randomly when he’s tired: “That’s not fair.”
  • Grace, shortly after Lauren left our house: “I think Connor wants to marry Lauren.”
  • Connor, after spinning around a million times and then sitting down: “My house moving fast”
  • Grace, whenever Connor is doing something he shouldn’t be: “Uh oh, Connor’s in trouble.”
  • Connor, sitting on the potty trying to fart (the only way I know how to tell him to try to poop) but burping instead: “I fart out my mouth??” with a confused look on his face and pointing one finger to his mouth. Me: “No, that’s called a burp.” Him, still pointing: “Oh, I burp out my mouth?”
  • Grace is always quoting thing she has heard on commercials or TV shows. Recent ones are “Power to the People” and “Oh sugars.” She also knows the whole commercial where Duke the dog pretends to be Grandpa Bush.
  • Connor, on vacation, trying to tell me something came from Grandma’s house not her cabin: “This from Grandma’s house. The blue house.”
  • Grace: I’m so funny I scare myself. RAAR. Aaaaaah!