I’ve been unreasonable exhausted for the past year or so and have lately been trying to get to the bottom of it because I can’t take it anymore and have finally decided it’s more than just having a weird sleep schedule and burning the candle at both ends.
My primary doctor thought it could be something neurological so he referred me to the sleep clinic, to one doctor in particular because he has more training beyond the pulmonary sleep problems like sleep apnea.
It took two months to get in to the sleep clinic and when I did, I saw some underling who just conferred with the doctor I was refereed to. He thought I just need to sleep more. He suggested trying to leave work earlier each night and have Mark take care of the kids in the morning. Apparently he lives in Make Believe Land. 
I was quite obvious about my displeasure with this answer so he and the doc I was supposed to see decided I could do an “actigraphy study” where I wear a special watch-like device that keeps track of when I’m sleeping. They probably wanted to prove I wasn’t getting an average of 8 hours a night. I wanted to prove I was, or close enough that I shouldn’t be SO tired all the time. Someone from the office was supposed to call when the next device came back in so I could get fitted for it. This was several months ago and I never got a call. Of course, when I got the $350 bill for that worthless office visit (which I have to pay all of because I haven’t met my deductible), I decided I didn’t want to go back even if they did call.
Then my headaches, which I’ve been getting fairly often for 10 years, started getting worse and much much more frequent. So I went last week to a chiropractor. He said the big bones where the skull and spine connect are misaligned, which is causing the headaches. He said the misalignment can cause problems with the brain stem, which runs through those bones. That can cause a host of problems like fatigue, mood swings and even indegestion or excess pleghm production. What do you know? I have all of those except the indegestion.
He also my spine doesn’t curve at the top like it should, probablyfrom years of doing homework, etc, with my face three inches from thedesk 😐 That may or may not be causing me problems now but it can lead to permanent damage like arthritis.

Now, he couldn’t take any Xrays because I’m 12-weeks pregnant (SURPRISE) so I’m just having to trust that he’s notscamming me!
I’ve had five adjustments. I go three times a week for the next three weeks. That is supposed to have me pretty much cured. Later he’ll teach me some exercises to do on my own to keep that area strong. He also wants Mark and I to come to a free class he does weekly on pressure points (think “knots” in your back).