Today’s conversation

G: If we get a cat or a real doggie, can we name it Ella?
Me: Sure, but I don’t think we’ll be get one any time soon.
G: Maybe when I’m older?
Me: Maybe
G: Like … 89?
Me: (laughing) Yeah, you can have one when you’re 89.
G: OK, cause I don’t know too much about animals yet. I need to learn some more. Maybe get a book.
Me: Sounds good.
G: Do cows come from Minnesota too?
Me: Yes
G: Then why did Daddy say they come from Wisconsin?
Me: Because Daddy is from Wisconsin so he thinks all the best stuff comes from there.
G: Like candy? That’s the best stuff. Does that come from Wisconsin?
Me: Sure, candy is made lots of places.
G: Like Mexico?
Me: Yes
G: And Minnesota?
Me: Yes
G: And …. hmm, what’s another place … China?
Me: Yes, even China
G: Where is China?
Me: Super super far away
G: Across the ocean?
Me: Yes
G: OK. Can I have candy now?