Connor started crawling out of his crib in the mornings last week. So yesterday, while Grace and I were at the Clothes Closet, Mark turned Connor’s crib into a toddler bed. He called Connor into the room, and Connor said “oh, Daddy, it clean” before noticing the bed. Then “wooooah.” He proudly showed Grace and me the bed when we got home, then brought several books out and sat in bed to “read” them. Grace took a picture of the bed for you all:

The husband reported, at 6:30 p.m.:

Connor started hugging my leg when I was making their PB and Js, so I was getting suspicious that he was tired. After eating, he crawled up on me. I thought “Gee, this is nice, but will last for 30 seconds or less.”

But, he curled up into a ball, and when I thought he was getting tired, I said, “Connor, do you want to go to bed?” He gripped me tight and said, “No dad. Just here. Just here.” So I held him for about 5 more minutes. He was out about 1 minute or less after his comment though. So it was really easy getting him into bed.

Grace helped to get the blanket pulled back and gave him a Pooh Bear. She said “Night little boy. I love you. Sleep good in your new big boy bed.”