This week I learned not to:

  • Let your 2-year-old go anywhere near your external hard drive. It doesn’t take much to make them stop working.
  • Keep all your digital photos on your hard drive – and nowhere else. ‘Nuff said.
  • Leave the canister of sugar (even closed and latched) in your 4-year-old’s reach and then leave the room. She CAN open it.
  • Let your husband clean up the mess hours after your 2-year-old dumps a bowl of sugar on the bathroom floor, including down the heat register. He’ll get grumpy.
  • Neglect your blog for a month. You’ll get grumpy.
  • Overcook Betty Crocker Warm Delights. They go from delicious to charcoal very quickly, and coworkers near the microwave will get grumpy.
  • Leave a 4-3 Twins game in the 7th. They will come back to win it (even if it takes lots of help from the other team).