That is what a coworker said when she saw me sorting coupons a few weeks ago. (It probably looked like an overwhelming task because I hadn’t been doing much with bargain shopping since before Christmas.) She asked how much I saved and if it was worth the effort. I really couldn’t give her an answer. A couple of friends have since asked how much I save because they are looking for ways to cut costs, like the rest of the U.S. population.

Three weeks ago (when the big cereal deal was going on) was a good week for bargains so I jotted down my savings and am finally typing them up.

CVS: I paid 10.78 for 37.78 worth of goods. I had 7 worth of coupons, got 10 in CVS rebates and a 10 manufacturer’s rebate.

Cub: I paid 110.63 for 149.30 worth of goods. I took advantage of 26.93 in buy-one-get-one-free sales, got a 10 rebate and used 11.74 in coupons.

Target: I paid 26.53 for 39.71 in goods. I had 7 in coupons, and 6.18 came off in sales.

I got some good deals at Walgreens too but lost the receipt so I can’t give you the details.

I would say this was a slightly above average week for deals, and it was a stock-up week. There are some weeks where I buy much less. But in those three stores, I spent 137.94 for 222.79 worth of goods. That’s a savings of 38%. Even if I had spent an hour clipping coupons and planning my shopping, which I’m sure I didn’t, that’s a payoff of $85 for that hour. Yep, that’s worth it.