I was off work for a week, and the rest of the family was gone for three of those days. So, what did I do? Not blog obviously!

The day the kids left I never even got out of my PJs. I read a whole book that day (Kiss) and finished another (Deader Than a Doornail) the night before.

I got my first LendAround movie (No Country for Old Men). It works really slick. You just request what you want and theowner mails it to you. When you are done, you click a link and it tellsyou to either send it back (and gives you the return address) or tellsyou to keep it until someone else requests it. I assume the ownerdecides which option to give you. If you don’t send the packaging, justthe DVD like Netflix does, it’s only a normal stamp to mail. I also watched Twilight, which was not nearly as good as the books.

I went skiing with my sister and her husband at Welch Village and managed not to break anything. They were good teachers but I’m not a good learner. I’ve been skiing three other times and I seem to get worse each time. I forgot to bring the camera. We went for a fish dinner at House of Coates in Coates, Minn., after and were pretty impressed with it.

I started volutneering at Neighbors, a local agency that “strives to reduce poverty, promote self sufficiency, and build community.” I worked three hours in the Clothes Closet on Saturday. It’s a thrift store, which is their main source of income to support their other services. I plan to volunteer once a month.

We also got to visit our dear friends Gillian and Kyle and their little girls for an afternoon and evening, and they cooked us a lovely dinner. Connor ate pickles, olives, beets and coleslaw. All firsts for him.