I learned about LendAround two days ago on Unclutter. I signed up for the waiting list and got “invited” by the owner yesterday. I have listed all my DVDs and invited a few friends that I see often, though you can do this all through mail too. (I sent the invitation through LendAround’s facebook app, but you can’t see my whole collection on facebook, just the 10 most recently entered, which all happen to be kids’ movies) If you want an invitation, let me know. (They can be sent by e-mail too, not just facebook.) Here’s the low down on what it is from their Web page:

LendAround is a project to encourage us all to stop hoarding stuff we own, and start lending it to each other.

LendAround is a free web tool that helps people to borrow things from their friends — starting with DVDs.

It lets you keep track of what you own, what you’ve borrowed, and who from.

You choose who you trust, and you choose what to list.

You’re in control all the time. If a friend asks to borrow something of yours, saying yes is always optional.