Who would have guessed this would be one of the things to come off my list early on! Several friends took two laid-off former co-workers out for sushi before work today and I was coerced into coming along. They were all very encouraging about me trying new things, though I felt a little on the spot! What if I needed to spit something out? Luckily, I made it through without feeling the urge to purge.

We went to the downtown St. Paul Sakura, which has happy hour appetizer specials. I ordered fried pork dumplings and then sampled off others’ plates. I knew if all else failed I’d be safe with my order. I mean it’s pork, and fried. It did not disappoint.

I had one roll each of:
California (crab, mayo, cukes and artichokes). Pretty good. I’d eat it again.
Cucumber. I’m not a cukes fan and I got way too much wasabi on this one so it was not a hit.
Lobster and asparagus. This one was good too.
Raw tuna. At first I didn’t taste the tuna but then I got to the middle. I’ll take a pass on trying it again.
I was going to have a crab one as well but was about ready to burst by this point so I gave it back to the original orderer.

My biggest problem with the sushi in general (besides the seaweed which is a little too hard to chew) was shoving that whole giant piece in your mouth all at once. That’s just not my thing.

So, if I’m invited for another social outing involving sushi, I will not hesitate to go. But I’m not going to be picking an order up for my dinner any time soon.

(We failed to bring a camera, by the way. SIGH)