which means having to deal with this kind of exchange:

From: me
To: Craigslist seller
Sent: Fri 7:40 PM
I would love your system. I’ll pay cash. Would I be able to pick it up on my way to work tomorrow, about 3-3:15?

From: Craigslist seller aka Teenage boy
Sent: Fri 10:05 PM
al right

From: me
Sent: Fri 10:14 PM
Sweet. Where would be a good place to meet? Someplace in/near Southtown would be good for me but I’ll meet wherever is convenient for you.

From: Teenage boy
Sent: Fri 11:26 PM
east bloominton

From: me
Sent: Fri 11:49 PM
further east than Southtown? How about the TGI Fridays across from the Mall of America? at 3.

From: me
Sent: Sat 11:42 AM
so is TGI Fridays at 3 ok??

From: Teenage boy
Sent: Sat 12:43 AM
i cant drive

From: me
Sent: Sat 2:26 PM
ok, so why didn’t you say so in the first place? I can come to your house if you give me the address.

From: Teenage boy
Sent: Sat 3:56 PM
sorry my address is (address, city, state)

From: me
Sent: Sat 3:58 PM
I’m at work now but I could come any time between 12 and 3 tomorrow. Would that work?
(your parents know you’re selling this, right?)

From: Teenage boy
Sent: Sat 4:04 PM
yes they know….. i dont want it i have an xbox know need for it call (number here) call when your off thanks

From: me
Sent: Sat 4:05 PM
ok, good. I didn’t want to show up and have parents mad at me! 🙂 I’ll call. Thanks!

From: Teenage boy
Sent: Sat 4:07 PM
nope they know and yes please call thanks

From: Teenage boy
Sent: Sat 4:20 PM
and if you forget the number its (same # as before)

From: Teenage boy
Sent: Sat 7:23 PM
yes but tommrow my momsat work at that time but she knows

From: Teenage boy
Sent: Sat 7:27 PM
i gave you the wrong number its (same # as before)

From: Teenage boy
Sent: Sat 8:56 PM
sorry it sold

From: me
Sent: Sat 9:01 PM
What do you mean it sold?? Someone else picked it up? You said I could have it. I would have picked it up today if you would have gotten back to me sooner. I thought I was going to call and come over tomorrow.

Check in tomorrow for the resolution. If there is any.