So, how did I spend my Internet-free and nearly-kid-free week? A read a whole book (Thin is the New Happy, highly recommend it), watched three movies (none of which I recommend), did a few digital scrapbook pages, ran some errands I’ve been meaning to do for a while and slept a lot (yet still not enough). I also (with an assistant) installed a programmable thermostat and did some laundry, but that was the extent of the cleaning.

It was pretty easy to stay offline at home and the first day of work (Wed) when it was really busy. Friday during down time at work, I started reading a book I got for Christmas and have already learned a lot in theory. We’ll see if I can put it into practice. Saturday and Sunday were rough because there was not a lot of work to do, but somehow I made it through. Opening my e-mail Monday morning was a little overwhelming but I’ve finally read everything. (The women I met online mostly communicate through e-mail now, not on a message board so there was a lot to read.) I haven’t caught up on any blogs except digiscrapping download ones.

And now on to the rest of the week:

I spent Christmas Day in Onalaska with the in-laws and this past Sunday at my parents’ house for Christmas celebrations. A good time was had by all. And this week we made room for the new toys. We cleared out a few bags of things to donate and bought these boxes from Ikea and labled them (with words and pictures):

While sorting books, Grace told me she didn’t need a particular Santa book because:
“I know everything about Santa.”
Me: Oh, do you?
G: Yeah, like he comes down the chimney. But if you don’t have one, he can come in the front door.
Me: Yes, that’s right.
G: I learned that one from Grandpa, not from myself. Cause I didn’t know that afore.
(She did know right away that we didn’t have a chimney. That’s when Grandpa told her about the front door. She also made sure I didn’t put out the reindeer food on Christmas Eve because the kids weren’t going to be there Christmas morning and we didn’t want to confuse the reindeer.)

Grace likes the newly organized playroom. So much that she wants to keep prying parents away:

Although, she did let daddy in to hang up her art (and Connor’s on the right):