Marketing Mama with a guess of $24. The rest of you gave me WAY too much credit, or you haven’t bought a box of cereal in a decade! The actual price was $22.35 and the breakdown is:

6 General Mills cereals: $20 – $10 ECB – coupons for $1 and $.75 = $8.25
Playtex: $7 – $2 Q = $5 (should have passed on this “deal”; generics at Target are cheaper)
2 Kotex: $9 – $2 and $1.75 coupons = $4.25
2 Listerines: 2 for $9 – $4.50 RR – two $1 coupons = $2.50
2 Progressos: $2 – .50 Q = $1.50
Ajax: $.80 w/ Walgreens coupons -$.20 coupon = $.60
Colgate: $3 – $2 ECB – $.75 coupon = $.25
Sure: $2.50 – $1.50 Q – $1 Q = free

I could get all this for free today but it’s going to be cold (again) and once the rest of the fam has headed south for their weeklong Christmas festivities, I have the house to myself for three days. I plan to scrapbook, watch movies, sleep, read and eat nothing but ice cream. OK, probably not nothing but ice cream because although I gave up on my healthy eating quest almost as soon as it began, I’m not one to seek out a raging stomach ache.

So Missy, e-mail me with which item you want and your mailing address, you lucky girl you 😉

The rest of you, if you’ve never read Missy’s blog, check it out. It’s great.

oh, and seven comments isn’t shabby but nothing special. My most commented-on post so far is the last little contest I had. And it didn’t even have a fabulous prize, just bragging rights! ha!