Grace has been having a very hard time at nigth lately. We took away her “canopy” (it’s really just a sheet right now) a couple of weeks ago. She earned it back Monday night by having five nights in a row where she went to bed well and stayed in her bed all night.

It lasted 1.5 nights.

Tuesday night she was having a little trouble getting to bed. I told her she had to stay in bed until her CD was over. If she was still awake when it was done, she could come down and get a snuggle. She woke up at 4 and the music was off so she thought she could come to bed with me and she had a meltdown when I said no.

Maybe it was my fault for being unclear but I lost it. I am so worn out from being sick for so long and so worn out by her nightime antics. I just wanted to shake her. Hard. So I just left the room and hung out on facebook in the kitchen and let Mark take over.

I don’t know what he did but she settled down and came down and apologized and asked why I was downstairs (I wonder) and said goodnight and went back to bed.