ok, this post is LONG overdue and just plain long but I promised to write it so you can all breathe easy now.

We bought a Buick Rendezvous in April to replace my beloved Alero, which was in need of a new engine. Less than a week later, I had to pick Mark and Grace up from the grocery store because the key wouldn’t go into the ignition in the new Rendezvous. I was asleep when Mark called and it took me awhile to comprehend what was going on. I had a neighbor watch Connor because the LeSabre had no carseats (though I don’t remember why), and I picked up Mark, Grace and the groceries.

After many phone calls the next morning, we decided to have the van towed to a nearby Buick dealership. No locksmith would say anything without coming out to look at it (and charging), and it didn’t sound like our regular mechanic was familiar with the problem. Luckily, our insurance covers towing.

Since we hadn’t yet had the extended warranty company come out to inspect the van to OK the warranty transfer, we had to pay for the fix. $500. The dealer said it’s a very rare problem. I guess it’s that one of the cylinder pins that the key pushes froze up and wouldn’t tumble into place. Whatever.

But here’s the best part: The tow guy tried to use the regular tow truck but couldn’t because we have front-wheel-drive that kicks into all-wheel-drive when needed, so it can’t be towed at more than 10 miles per hour. So the guy had to come back with the flat bed. BUT the first time he was out, he left the driver’s side door open. It was 35 mph winds all day. Yep, the wind grabbed the door, bent it back. The door opened but with great protestation and noise and great force on part of the opener.

It took MONTHS to get the insurance to send us the check for the cost of the repair to the door and frame. But we finally got it. The all-out fix from the dealer cost about $1,000 so that’s how much money we got. Then we just had the hinge replaced and didn’t fix the dented frame, so it only cost a couple hundred. Take that stupid tow guy!

Since then, there have been a couple of times where the Rendezvous won’t start. We turn the key and absolutely nothing happens, no click or anything. The first time this occurred, we had it towed, but once it got to the shop, it started without a problem and they never found anything wrong with it. So now we just wait it out and it eventually starts. The LeSabre does the same thing from time to time. Must be a lovely Buick quirk.

But despite all that hassle, we really really love the Rendezvous and do not regret buying it. (Although the van that we looked at with heated seats would be mighty nice about now.)