Who doesn’t love a good to-do list? I must love them considering how long it takes me to complete them!

So, in lieu of New Year’s resolutions for 2009, I am aiming to do these 30 things before I turn 30. So please don’t ask me to do anything on Nov. 7, 2009, as I’m sure I’ll be very busy trying to make it look as though I gave it the old college try. 😉

  1. Get at least one more mom’s group member
  2. Learn to play one song on the piano by memory
  3. Buy a bicycle
  4. Redo our bathroom floor
  5. Finish my 2006 scrapbook
  6. Go canoeing and not ride in the middle
  7. Try sushi 2/13/09
  8. Create a will
  9. Make a loaf of bread from scratch 3/18/09
  10. Roll-over old 401k to new one
  11. Go one week without Internet. 12/31/08
  12. Volunteer at a food shelf. 4/25/09
  13. Donate platelets
  14. Get a nontraditional massage (reflexology, reiki, etc)
  15. Grow something edible, and eat it
  16. Fit a car into my garage
  17. Play nine holes of golf
  18. Proofread a book for UIP
  19. Watch 10 Best Picture winners
  20. Find a favorite wine
  21. Climb the REI rock wall
  22. Donate my formal gowns
  23. Make apple butter 3/18/09
  24. Use all the gift certificates currently in my possession (Juut, Blockbuster, WA Frost, Texas Roadhouse, Culvers)
  25. Jog a mile without stopping
  26. Go through a corn maze
  27. Buy prescription sunglasses
  28. Organize Connor’s closet. 1/19/09
  29. Visit Journey Inn. 1/6/09
  30. Write a blog post when each of these goals is completed