A friend who is way more crafty than I am made this FABULOUS Advent calendar. And it got me thinking about we will do this year. Though I’m repulsed by all the Christmas decorations already up everywhere, I am prepared to start planning for Advent, which begins a week from tomorrow (Nov. 30).

We have an Advent wreath and maybe we’ll actually remember to light the candles this year. I am looking for something to do at the wreath though, rather than just lighting the candle and walking away. Anyone know of any preschool-age-appropriate prayers or activities to go along with the Advent wreath? Maybe something explaining what each week stands for? Maybe I can do some online searching for that tonight.

We have a Jesse tree set that my aunt gave me a couple of years ago but we’ve never used it. I need to dig that out and figure out what to do with it and when you start using it.

We’ve made attempts in the past to celebrate St. Nick’s day but they weren’t huge successes. This year I plan to get the kids a book about St. Nicholas and a DVD of The Polar Express.

I’ll let you know how many of these things we actually carry through on.

What Advent/pre-Christmas traditions do you all have?